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Differences between search engines, directories, and FAA sites.

There are very strong differences between search engines and directories. There are also some submitters that claim FAA or free for all sites should be placed in the same category of search engines and directories, in which I disagree. FAA sites are usually listings virtually dumped into groups that really afford limited exposure and often time limits are placed on entries so they might not be listed for any length of time. FAA's results are virtually void on search engines. Check out the section on Free for all, as you will be amazed how worthless they are, however  many submission services use them as there backbone of submission sites!

Directories are huge databases of collected web sites that are sorted and reviewed by humans (example Yahoo, Open Directory) and each web site is viewed, summarized, and placed in an exact category. Directories take longer to compile but are far more detailed than search engines and usually offer the most complete information system on the Internet.

Whereas search engines (example Google, Alta Vista) generally spider (a software program that actually visits an url address) and retrieve most of the web sites information from either text or meta tags. Then they classify each site from the information gained. Some search engines allow for manual data entry but they are generally less categorized than directories.

Try to have at least a paragraph or two about what your web site is about located at the top of your web page (Google notices this big time). Use meta tags !! Use as many keywords as possible and refrain from being wordy. Since spiders read only real html and actually Pass over much of the newer java scripts and other navigation, USE TEXT BASED HYPERLINKS, spiders can not read java and other navigation. The purpose of this is so that the spiders will follow your other pages. Try to keep your web page content consistent, stay on subject. 

Please remember to have proper meta tags, reduce page load by getting rid of  banners, unnecessary graphics, oversize pictures. I suggest using *Lviewpro to compact graphics! Under no circumstances should any web page have an "Under Construction" graphic or text.  Dump any music to be played (it slows page load and the editor may not like the song!). Once listed you can add anything you want but for now we want postings. 

You will be getting a huge amount of emails after you submit, but most of these are just spam, I suggest using what I call a dummy email account so that your regular email is not spammed . We will make you aware of any new important changes. 

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Please note all entries into our search engines are never allowed through spamming. In fact all information comes from either clients meta tags or they have the option to enter them manually. No other methods are accepted.