The Lordship Group V main business is web site promotion, internet marketing, chain store sales, and owns and develops new search engines and directories, representing general, regional and international databases. In addition we maintain numerous web sites for public help, information, entertainment, and health related issues pertinent to mental illness.



We are a primarily involved with promoting all web sites throughout our state by use of our free search database. We use a number of facilities around the state to collect data, and work with a large number of local businesses. Part of our strategy is using search databases,  review sites to better help users and business people within every town, county and section of Connecticut.


My project started years ago as a way to help users get listed to search engines and directories as there was nothing out there on the Internet except scams and disinformation. As a result I maintained contact with over 600+ webmasters of search facilities and update constantly this web site to bring insight to the users on the internet.

I have been a sales specialist for over 30 years with a specialty to Mass Merchandisers, Chain Stores, Dept. Stores, and thousands of retailers in the US. Previously owned a multi mullion dollar major manufacture that distributed products to all wholesale and distribution markets on the East Coast. My accounts varied from K-Mart, Sears Roebuck, J.C. Penney Co., etc. to single standing discounters and retailers. When time permits I represent clients to chain store retailers and other industries, and also teach business people how to sell to chain stores and other large businesses.

Also a teacher Business, Marketing, Advertising , Business Law, Retailing. and other subjects at one of finest educational schools for adults in New England.

My biggest passion is helping people in regard to help people get better with bipolar disorder, depression, abuse, cutting, incest, and many more issues. Over 20 years ago I formulated a process Positive Imaging that to allow clients to achieve results never seen before. This process permits the use of all types of counseling, including east and west methods.  My work has been conducted all over the USA and overseas. I maintain a helpful web site on this disease, and actively email and chat with others and their families to give them help and encouragement.

Previous I have been working with the Federal Government in conjunction with Senator Joseph Liberman and EPA Chairman Christine Todd Whitman in regard to Greening the Government HR. 13101 which involves reclaiming used products. Projects include the GSA, the USPS, and other government agencies. 

Current work is running a network of search engines and informing business in Connecticut the value  of promoting their business, organization, social event, etc. online. Sites that I personally promote and work on get listed within 2 weeks by all the major search sites like Google, Yahoo, Inktomi. Currently run three spiders that can used on the net to gather site data.

 You can contact me below. Thank you

Steven Franko / Editor & Webmaster